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A Knowledgebase for the Rabbit Industry...

RabbitPedia is designed to create a knowledgebase for the rabbit industry. Some of the work here is from our own experiences over the last 12 years operating Texlan Rabbits. Additionally there are excerpts and links to many websites that contain very good articles and information about raising, showing and marketing rabbits that we have found to be very beneficial.

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.
Charles Darwin (4 August 1836)
(Ross James - Texlan Rabbits)

Rabbit Show

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.
Charles Darwin (4 August 1836)

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Rabbit Industry


Raising and marketing rabbits is an ideal project for young people.
The rabbit project teaches proper methods of caring for, raising, breeding and marketing rabbits.
All that is needed is a place to house them, feed and water to keep them growing, a willingness to make the project a success, and, most important of all, the interest of parents.
Rabbits are an ideal small stock project for urban or small farms. Rabbits are quiet, clean and relatively odorless. Raising rabbits can be anything from an interesting and profitable hobby to a full-time living. Today, many people are investigating the possibilities of rabbit production, and those who have studied the subject find its present stage of development worthy of their consideration and investment.
Rabbit shows have gained considerable popularity and the raising of the "fancy" show rabbit can be a profitable business in itself.
There is a growing popularity in raising domestic meat rabbits for backyard meat production.


Rabbit related summaries and links of current articles from various news sources.
Featured articles or websites are considered to be worthy of your review.
Some historical images and information about rabbits.
How rabbits fit into holistic agricultural management practices for sustainable land use.


Indepth and categorized information for rabbit owners and breeders.
Useful web links categorized and relating to the rabbit industry.
Categorized images relating to rabbit production.
Educational videos about rabbits.


Industry contact information - Phone and Email
Useful modules for article construction.
Articles being developed for inclusion in RabbitPedia.


4H-FFA Workshop Reference
Print out 4H-FFA workshop reference

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