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Wire Types

Type Abr. Description
Galvanised Before Welding GBW An economical mesh. The galvanizing is damaged at the joints during the welding process. Thus, the material rusts more quickly, which decreases the life of the product when compared to the Galvanized After wire.
Zinc/Aluminum GZA Has 5% aluminum added to the zinc. It is applied before the weld as in Galvanized Before, however the aluminum does not get damaged from the welding process. Thus, it resists rusting and has a much greater life expectancy than Galvanized Before.
Galvanised After Weld GAW Dipped after it is welded, providing a seal of zinc and galvanizing over the joints. This makes the mesh somewhat harder to cut & straighten, but at the same time, it is more supportive & stiffer.

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