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A Knowledgebase for the Rabbit Industry...

RabbitPedia is aimed at providing the user with a quick reference to the many facets of the rabbit industry.

Basic Navigation

RabbitPedia articles are all linked, or cross-referenced. When highlighted text like this   Rabbit Links   is seen, it means there is a link to some relevant article or RabbitPedia page with further in-depth information. Holding the mouse over the link will often show to where the link will lead. The reader is always one click away from more information on any point that has a link attached.
There are other links towards the ends of most articles, for other articles of interest, relevant external websites and pages, reference material, and organized categories of knowledge which can be searched and traversed in a loose hierarchy for more information.
Some articles may also have links to dictionary definitions, audio-book readings, quotations, the same article in other languages, and further information available on our sister projects.
Additional links can be easily made if a relevant link is missing–this is one simple way to contribute.

Sidebar Menu

The sidebar menu lets you go quickly to the respective major sections.

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