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Holistic agriculture management - Managing land for a sustainable future
In a sustainable system of agriculture, the waste from one process is the input for another process, with the whole system composed of many coupled cycles of CLOSED loops feeding on one another, and carbon intake and output is balanced just as other nutrients. To survive, we must learn to close the loops of all processes, and that is what sustainability means.
Conventional, modern agriculture is unsustainable and climate damaging in many ways. Fossil fuel is converted to fertilizers, and transported around the world to be applied to soil, acidifying the soil and damaging the microbial community that is an essential component of a healthy soil ecosystem. Continued use of synthetic fertilizers instead of natural organic waste leads to the depletion of micronutrients and minerals, with startling decrease in food mineral content worldwide over the past 100 years.

Rabbits in Holistic Agriculture

Rabbits Holistic


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