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4H-FFA Activities

Rabbits Program Is June 13 At 4-H Animal Group Meeting
Ethan Harvill will present a program on rabbits at the meeting of the 4-H Companion Animal Project Group on Thursday, June 13, at 5:30 p.m. Hamilton County youths ages 9 to 19 (in 4th through 12th ...
2021-04-09 17:00:00
Wood County 4-H, Blennerhassett FFA wrangling livestock sale themselves this year
Youth will exhibit livestock projects throughout the week, participating in market classes and showmanship with their rabbits, sheep, goats, hogs, cattle, horses, chickens and turkeys. Remington Bl...
2021-04-09 21:04:00
Todd County 4-H Knowledge Bowl
Todd county youth competed at 4-H Project Bowl. Seven hundred youth tested their knowledge in animal science and wildlife-related topics during competitive 4-H events throughout M ...
2021-04-15 21:45:00
Naturally-occurring spinosyn A and its derivatives function as argininosuccinate synthase activator and tumor inhibitor
Arginine addiction induced by argininosuccinate synthase (ASSN1) deficiency has been exploited to treat ASS1-deficient cancers. Here, the authors show an alternative therapeutic approach where ASS1...
2021-04-15 03:29:00
Pipestone County 4-Hers compete at Project Bowl Competitions
Pipestone County had two teams compete in project bowl competitions in March. Pipestone County had two project bowl teams compete during the month of March. Pipestone County's 10 4-Hers were among ...
2021-04-16 00:20:00
Spine impairment in mice high-expressing neuregulin 1 due to LIMK1 activation
Here, we studied the effects of high-level NRG1 on dendritic spine development and function. We showed that spine density in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus was reduced in mice (ctoNrg1) that...
2021-04-13 17:00:00
The Harford County Farm Fair is returning in 2021, but will be mostly virtual this summer
The Harford County Farm Fair will return in 2021, but as a primarily virtual event for the public, during the last week of July. The summertime staple for more than three decades will still include...
2021-04-13 12:42:00
4-Hers show rabbits, raise food pantry donations
The 4-H Rabbit Ranglers were at the Clay County Events Center Saturday for the 4-H/FFA Rabbit Fun Show. The group of young exhibition professionals displayed their showmanship by working with their...
2021-04-12 17:26:00
Meet the president
Isabel D’Acquisto was only 10 years old and new to Jackson County 4-H when Jim Miller tapped the outgoing fourth-grader on the shoulder. Miller, a teacher at Crater High School and advisor for th...
2021-04-09 18:26:00
Service dog bonds with teen with autism
A straight-A student who is involved in a range of activities including Girl Scouts, Jankowski was diagnosed with autism in third grade. But a new furry, four-legged friend is helping to make ...
2021-04-12 21:15:00
Citizen calls for mayor's resignation over issue with rabbits
A Loogootee woman Monday night called for Mayor Noel Harty to resign, claiming he “has failed this city” by using Building Commissioner Tim Hudson as “his attack dog” ...
2021-04-12 17:01:00
Jacksonville ‘House of Horrors’ suspect Russell Tillis found guilty of first-degree murder
“His story does not make sense — and that is a rabbit hole into the defendant’s house of horrors into his mind,” Mizrahi said. “It’s a knot twisted in so many different positions that ...
2021-04-09 12:34:00


4-H hosts rabbit show for local students
The Limestone County Chapter of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System recently hosted a 4-H rabbit show to help teach local students how to raise and care for livestock. And they didn't have to ...
2021-04-01 20:59:00
Bunny owners beware
Easter might be a little less hoppy this year, after Idaho and Washington wildlife and agriculture officials warned people not to buy bunnies as Easter gifts. The Washington Department of Fish and ...
2021-04-02 05:21:00
Wildlife officials warn about buying bunnies as Easter gifts
with everyone following COVID guidelines of distancing and masking at the rabbit show and keeping the rabbits separate. We asked that the judge not even touch the bunnies,” she said. As far as ...
2021-04-02 06:07:00
Briefs: Atlantan Callie Harris judges ABC’s ‘Pooch Perfect;’ Lauren Pozen leaves WSB-TV; February radio ratings
I’ve worked with goats, snakes, rabbits ... Frank Ski debuted his morning show in February on Kiss, but it’s too early to judge what impact he’ll have for the station.
2021-03-25 12:06:00
Stokes County sheep show champion has sights set on state fair win, studying animals in college
Anna Hill’s yard, full of sheep and lambs, is her happy place. “I’ve always loved animals,” Hill said. “We’ve always had cats and dogs and I was horseback riding ...
2021-03-31 18:58:00
Mary Toft: The Woman Who Kept "Giving Birth" To Rabbits, Cats And Assorted Other Meats
There was little by way of entertainment in a society that had yet to invent Shrek; don't judge ... show them the evidence. But others had some fairly major questions. For instance, some of the ...
2021-03-16 09:30:00
Farmer recorded men who caused cattle to stampede while 'lamping' rabbits
A YOUNG Tipperary man has been prosecuted after an Offaly farmer used his mobile phone to record him lamping rabbits on his land ... defending solicitor, told Judge Catherine Staines his client ...
2021-04-07 23:50:00
George Floyd’s friends, family will speak in Chauvin trial as ‘spark of life’ witnesses
The prosecution will also show photos of Floyd throughout his life ... When the prosecution in March requested two spark of life witnesses, Judge Peter Cahill said he was OK with the request ...
2021-04-08 15:01:00
Letterbox contact: ‘Don’t my birth children have a right to know I’m dying?'
In her case, the judge extended the typical once or twice ... and whether the adopters will show the children," he says. "You're not encouraged to be emotional in these letters.
2021-03-31 20:43:00
Telangana HC hits out at state officials for ignoring its orders
Vijaysen Reddy stated: “If the state and its machinery show scant regard to the orders ... deliberately violated the orders of the single Judge and willfully interfered with the peaceful ...
2021-04-08 03:45:00
Sydney Royal 2021: Brittany Legge wins RAS/ASC dairy cattle young judges state final
Nine young women put themselves to the test in the arena as they critiqued three heifer and cow classes under the watchful eye of over judge Colin ... own cows I like to show so I thought it ...
2021-04-10 09:00:00
Sydney Royal 2021: Tomargo Recluse Sidekick Dee named champion dairy all breeds heifer
Holstein heifer Tomargo Recluse Sidekick Dee has taken out the dairy all breeds youth competition at the 2021 Sydney Royal Show. Tomargo ... out reserve champion. Judge Brad Gavenlock from ...
2021-04-10 22:13:00

Commercial Rabbit Industry

Zimbabwe: Rabbit Meat to Hit Local Market
the Zimbabwe Commercial Rabbit Breeders Association (ZICORBA) has said, urging industry players to ramp up production. Rabbit is one of the healthiest, leanest, and most environmentally friendly ...
2021-04-12 04:34:00
Rabbits scheme to fight poverty among women
Harare Bureau ZIMBABWEAN women would be among the biggest beneficiaries of an ambitious scheme launched by rabbit breeders to fight poverty and improve livelihoods. More than two decades of an ...
2021-04-03 15:04:00
New vaccines to be launched soon to protect pigs, sheep
A vaccine has been prepared to protect pigs from classical swine fever for which rabbits would no longer be slaughtered because a vaccine developed by indigenous technology is going to hit the market ...
2021-04-11 07:50:00
Seaspiracy has some people swearing off fish. Others just swearing
Seaspiracy , the new Netflix documentary suggesting an oversimplified solution to the complex issues plaguing industrial fishing, has elicited support from celebrities, and criticism from scientists ...
2021-04-15 12:41:00
Young farmer earns billions of VND a year from rabbit exports to Japan
In 2016, he returned to his home village, and spent the money he saved on agricultural production. Raising rabbits was not done by anyone in the area, but Toan decided to raise rabbits after he ...
2021-04-06 23:56:00
National Trust orders volunteers to take diversity training to 'raise awareness' of their 'unintended biases' - even including rangers who do not work with the public
The heritage body is forcing everyone, including rangers who do not work with the public, to carry out the training as they return to work from lockdown.
2021-04-14 01:52:00
Minister Rabbitte to continue to advocate for vaccine prioritisation for teachers, childcare assistants and SNAs in Special Schools and classes
Galway based company Galmere food production has introduced on-site PCR Covid-19 tests ... Nasal swabs are taken by… GoCar, a commercial car sharing company, intends to set up an operation in ...
2021-04-07 07:37:00
Rabbit meat to hit local market
the Zimbabwe Commercial Rabbit Breeders Association (ZICORBA) has said, urging industry players to ramp up production. Rabbit is one of the healthiest, leanest, and most environmentally friendly ...
2021-04-10 16:16:00
New vaccines to be launched soon to protect pigs, sheep
He said after the commencement of commercial production, it will not be too late ... no longer require sacrificing of a huge number of rabbits for preparing vaccine. Only a single dose of the ...
2021-04-11 13:56:00


Texas community passes the hat for rabbits
On March 26, Texas state trooper Chad Walker pulled over to help a stranded motorist in Limestone County, only to have the motorist, an obviously disturbed young man, open fire on Walker before lat...
2021-04-16 00:00:00
Ceramic bubbles and mischievous rabbits in a swirling installation
Elisha Harteis, a Missoula ceramic artist, was up on a scaffolding hanging some 587 porcelain spheres in a swirl suspended from lines on a metal frame in the skylight of the Radius Gallery. There...
2021-04-15 09:00:00
Virus deadly to rabbits found in multiple areas of Oregon
Environmental experts are concerned about Oregon's wild rabbit population after multiple cases of a virus that is deadly to the animals were confirmed in different parts ...
2021-04-14 12:06:00
Greyhound trainer found guilty after attempting to source ‘wild rabbits’
A Victorian greyhound trainer found guilty of attempting to source “wild rabbits” that could be used as bait claimed he simply had an interest in cooking and Jamie Oliver recipes. Tooradin trai...
2021-04-15 03:38:00
60-plus rabbits rescued from Farmington home
More than 60 rabbits -- instead of the 20 that police expected -- were rescued from a Farmington home recently.
2021-04-13 12:51:00
A place for pygmy rabbits: Gift of land near Quincy helps in species recovery
A new gift of land to The Nature Conservancy, 282 acres near Quincy, will help secure a future for the endangered Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit. The land will become part of The Nature Conservancy's ...
2021-04-09 12:55:00
Harmony Vet Care offers affordable pet care for dogs, cats, and the occasional pigs and rabbits
"We are still growing. We opened our second location a year ago, and it's already fully booked, and we need a third," Sabshin said. "The best day for me is saving lives. If I can get a sick or inju...
2021-04-13 18:21:00
Aldermen Approve Revised Plan To Close Loophole In Anti-Puppy Mill Ordinance Restricting Sales Of Dogs, Cats, And Rabbits At Pet Stores
Chicago’s puppy mill ordinance prohibits retailers from selling dogs, cats, or rabbits that do not come from government-run animal shelters, private humane societies, or animal rescue groups.
2021-04-12 13:51:59
Farmer's Gals raise rabbits for family pets
Savanna Hess and her family have a somewhat livelier take on doing business in Montana. Hess raises pet rabbits on the family farm in St. Ignatius, and the most recent litter was ready to find home...
2021-04-11 06:01:00
Whoever Kidnapped Darius, One of the World's Longest Living Rabbits, Is Going to Hell
Apparently a “pet detective” is an actual job, a realization that is making me rethink my entire career plan. And professional pet detective Robert Kenny’s latest case is the disappearance of...
2021-04-14 10:00:00
Deadly virus now confirmed in La Pine feral domestic rabbits
The US Department of Agriculture's Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory has confirmed rabbit hemorrhagic disease in a feral domestic rabbit collected in La Pine last Friday, state officials...
2021-04-14 11:41:00
New Hampshire SPCA rescues 60 plus rabbits and five horses in two animal neglect cases
The New Hampshire SPCA is always here for animals in need,” said Lisa Dennison, executive director of the New Hampshire SPCA.
2021-04-13 14:45:00

Rabbit Processing

Burrowing rabbits dig up 9,000-year-old tools and Bronze Age pottery on Welsh island
Wardens on Skokholm, a bird sanctuary in the Celtic Sea, found a smooth stone tool dug up by rabbits near their cottage. Used to skin seals and open shellfish, the 'bevelled pebble' dates to the Late ...
2021-03-31 15:39:00
Rabbits dig up 9,000-year-old artifacts on 'Dream Island'
A fluffle of wild rabbits has dug up priceless archaeological ... of seal hides for making skin-clad watercraft, or for processing foods such as shellfish, among hunter-gatherer communities ...
2021-03-31 12:19:00
SOD1 regulates ribosome biogenesis in KRAS mutant non-small cell lung cancer
The superoxide dismutase SOD1 is highly expressed in lung cancer but its role has not fully investigated yet. In this study, the authors demonstrate that SOD1 regulates ribosome biogenesis driving ...
2021-04-15 02:55:00
World-record giant rabbit stolen from its home in the UK
Police say one of the world’s biggest bunnies has been stolen from its home in central England. Darius, a Continental Giant rabbit, disappeared from his enclosure in a backyard in the village of ...
2021-04-13 12:39:00
Bunny snatched: Record-holding giant rabbit stolen in UK
Police say one of the world’s biggest bunnies has been stolen from its home in central England. Darius, a Continental Giant rabbit, disappeared from his enclosure in a backyard in ...
2021-04-13 09:30:00
Bunnies, chicks, require care and thought before gifting
Rabbits and chicks require a different kind of care compared ... that happens." Harris suggested processing the animals for meat. "That's what these animals are made for ; to use their eggs or meat, " ...
2021-04-03 04:16:00
Finds dating back 9,000 years tell new story of Welsh Dream Island
Chance finds of prehistoric stone tools and fragments of pottery, picked up from a rabbit hole by the wardens of Skokholm Island, have surprised experts and hint at new chapters in the prehistory of ...
2021-04-07 03:41:00
Bunnies on a Remote Wales Island Dig Up Numerous Prehistoric Artifacts: It's 'Exciting'
While digging out a new home, two rabbits from the island — which lies in the Celtic ... years ago for tasks such as preparing seal hides for skin-clad watercraft or processing food such as shellfish.
2021-04-02 11:22:00
Forum Commences Gravity Survey on Its Wollaston Uranium Project, Saskatchewan
located 10km south of Cameco's Rabbit Lake uranium mill and immediately east of the all-weather road to Orano's McClean Lake uranium processing plant. "The gravity survey is designed to detect ...
2021-04-07 05:30:00
Welsh rabbits serve up prehistoric finds on tiny Skokholm Island
The rabbit hole where wardens found freshly uncovered ... for tasks such as preparing seal hides for skin-clad watercraft or processing food such as shellfish. The second was a shard from a ...
2021-03-25 10:05:00
Pet of the week: Babs is a friendly female rabbit
Babs is a large and very silly female rabbit with amazing long ears. She was rescued after a call came in that a domestic rabbit was left out in one of our large snowstorms. Babs has a very ...
2021-03-19 09:35:00

Rabbit Diseases

Deadly rabbit disease reported for first time in Idaho
The disease isn't known to affect humans ... flies and mosquitoes. Rabbits might not display symptoms before they die from RHD. Sometimes they may have symptoms including a loss of appetite ...
2021-03-29 13:19:00
TN State Veterinarian warns of disease in rabbits
NASHVILLE, Tenn. –According to a news release from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, the Tennessee State Veterinarian issued a warning to citizens of a disease that can be fatal to rabbits. The ...
2021-04-03 14:56:00
A Patience Island rabbit has tularemia. Here's what you need to know about the disease.
The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management Division of Agriculture and the state Department of Health are notifying the public about a New England cottontail rabbit from Patience ...
2021-03-16 08:39:00

Rabbit Cuisine

Rabbit recipes
although you can quick-roast the saddle and cook the legs separately. A wild rabbit (about 1.5kg/3lbs 5oz) will serve 3-4 people. FAQs about BBC Food ...
2012-07-05 03:15:00
Old fashioned rabbit stew
Put the rabbit portions into the bag, a few at a time, and shake well until evenly coated in the seasoned flour. Transfer to a plate. Melt the butter with one tablespoon of the oil in a large ...
2012-09-05 20:56:00
About Maltese food
Rabbit is also extremely popular and many ... best the Mediterranean has to offer is Malta’s number one snack food. In his recipe, Shane Delia especially likes to use white anchovies, which ...
2021-03-31 03:59:00
Rabbit And Bird Share Food While Sitting On Top Of Hay
They enjoyed playing together on top of the hay. The rabbit shared their food with the bird, who ate it heartily. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories Please give an overall site rating: ...
2021-03-31 17:57:00
Delicious Chocolate Bunnies That Your Family Will Go Crazy Over
Related story Aplenty Is Amazon's Newest Food Brand & The Snacks Are Under ... There’s one type of rabbit that’s definitely suited more toward kids, while the others could be for people ...
2021-03-23 12:56:00
Seasonal food from Andalusia, Spain - rabbit rice, asparagus with eggs, lamb various ways - in cookbook Casa Moro
“The food of Moro ... such as rabbit rice with almonds and rosemary, fennel, potato and white bean soup, and pork in almond sauce; and lighter spring and summer recipes for scrambled egg with ...
2021-03-28 11:32:00
This carrot cake with brown butter-cream cheese frosting will keep you coming back for more
It wasn’t until this assignment that I really went down the delicious carrot cake rabbit hole. Sure ... 60 g; Protein: 6 g. Recipe from food writer Olga Massov. Please enable JavaScript to view this ...
2021-04-08 09:51:00
Bunny snatched: Record-holding giant rabbit stolen in UK
Darius, a Continental Giant rabbit, disappeared from his enclosure in a backyard ... HOUSTON (CW39) How's this for a new take on "salad?" There's a new recipe on the Food Network's website that's ...
2021-04-13 09:22:00
Rachel Roddy’s recipe for frittata with herbs, spring onion and pecorino
In the van he had packets of thin, crisp wafers for making ice-cream sandwiches and, as a time-passing snack, he would start at one corner and eat them with a racing-rabbit nibble, an irresistible ...
2021-03-29 03:07:00
After 8 years, Greektown Grille owners planning second location at Greenville's Holland Park
Those same recipes will also keep Greektown Grille going now and into the future. Greektown Grille at Holland Park is slated to open late summer 2021. Those who want a taste of the restaurant’s food ...
2021-04-02 12:32:00
23 Pantry-Organization Videos From TikTok That'll Suck You Down a Rabbit Hole of Containers and Labels
The app has tons of fun before-and-after videos, plus an endearing amount of organizational tips and tricks that'll suck you down a rabbit hole of inspiration — especially when it comes to ...
2021-03-30 13:21:00

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