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ARBA Office

The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) is an organization dedicated to the promotion, development and improvement of the domestic rabbit and cavy. With over 23,000 members throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad, our members range from the pet owner with one rabbit or cavy to the breeder or commercial raiser with several hundred animals. Each aspect of the rabbit and cavy industry whether it be fancy (for exhibition), as a pet, or for commercial value, is encouraged by our organization.[1]

Wikipedia:American Rabbit Breeders Association

Raising Rabbits for Show

Raising rabbits for show may sound simple, but once you begin, you might be amazed at how much there is to learn. Such an undertaking demands a lot of time and thought and energy. There will be highlights – like when your home bred takes Best of Breed for the first time, or when your favorite doe kindles a litter of six healthy kits – and there will be dark days in the adventure. It’s no fun when your hopeful junior comes down with snuffles, or when litter after litter doesn’t turn out the way you expected.

But success is there to be had for virtually anyone who possesses one quality: endurance. Even when you’re discouraged, stick with it. Realistically, it usually takes two to three years to learn the ropes and begin producing bunnies of the quality that you’re looking for. Many people quit or switch breeds (sometimes multiple times) before they reach that point. But once you start to experience success, you’ll know it, and it will feel oh-so worth what you put into it.[2]

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  1. ARBA https://www.arba.net/
  2. RabbitBreeders.US http://rabbitbreeders.us/raising-rabbits-for-show

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