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Rabbit Health

How to recognize problems with the health of your animals.


An Ounce of Prevention!
Keep them comfortable - Keep them clean
Give them plenty of good feed - Provide clean cool water
Common health problems can occur.
Once again, keeping the rabbit cage/area clean and handling your rabbits on a daily basis will alert you to any health problems that could arise. Using certain "people products" have been found to be quite helpful in treating some of the following ailments.


Ear Mites will cause your rabbit pen to be disqualified on show day! Ear Mites can hit the very best and cleanest of show rabbits if simple and proper preventive measures aren't taken weekly.
Mineral Oil used on it's own is very effective. Or, if you prefer, mix one part Campho-Phenique with three parts Mineral Oil to help prevent and treat ear mites in your rabbits. If left untreated, ear mites can lead to a condition called Ear Canker and could cause severe illness or death for your rabbits.
Ear Mites-Pet Informed-Must Read...]
Ear Mites
Applying Mineral Oil
You MUST treat your rabbits' ears weekly with Mineral Oil whether you see any ear mites or not.
Once again, as in weighing, set aside a particular day of the week to treat your rabbits' ears.
Place 2 to 3 drops of Mineral Oil deep into the ear canal of each ear...massage the ear, rubbing the oil out to the tip of the ear as well.
Stop using the Mineral Oil the last week prior to your show date!
You DO NOT want "greasy ears" on show date.


If eyes are red and infected. Use a cotton swab and apply an over-the-counter Antibiotic Ointment


Malocclusion, also referred to as buck' teeth or wolf' teeth.
The rabbits upper and lower teeth are misaligned so that the normal process of chewing doesn’t wear down your rabbit’s teeth.
Malocclusion in rabbits is either inherited (hereditary-breeder should have identified this problem) or acquired (biting the wire on cages).
Malocclusion is an immediate disqualification.


Dirty Feet?....Try Witch Hazel on cotton swabs to clean the feet
Sore Hocks (Back Pad of Foot)
Apply Zinc Cream to sore or rubbed feet.

Scouring (Diarrhea)

If one rabbit is scouring, it is possible that your other rabbits may scour as well.
Remove the rabbit/s that are scouring and put them into separate pens.
Using a dropper, inject 1-2 full droppers of Pepto-Bismol into the back of the rabbit's throat.
Treat daily until all signs of scouring have stopped.
Make sure your rabbits have plenty of FRESH water daily to prevent dehydration.


Health 1 video What to check for and how to treat...

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