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Rabbit Project

This is a source of information containing guidelines for the 4H-FFA Exhibitor and their rabbit project. Rabbit Projects offer exhibitors the opportunity to learn management skills, rabbit production, health care, rabbit selection, showmanship experience, record keeping, rabbit judging, rabbit genetics, how to design a rabbitry and much more.

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Your Rabbit Project

This section contains the topics covered at our RabWay Workshop. It is designed to give the exhibitor a comprehensive overview of their rabbit project. If possible, please read through this section prior to attending the workshop so that we can answer any questions or concerns that you may have.
What you will need to do and be aware of prior to receiving your rabbits.
Guidelines on what attributes your rabbits should display.
Making sure your rabbits are properly cared for and looked after prior to judging.
Rabbits get sick-What to watch for and how to treat your animals.
Details of how the Judge makes the final evaluation of your project
Showmanship is an opportunity for an exhibitor to show how much he or she knows about rabbits.
Complete details for a rabbit project...Includes all sections above.

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