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Rabbit Showmanship
Showmanship is a participant’s opportunity to demonstrate his/her knowledge and ability to properly select and present rabbits to their best advantage.
The participant’s confidence, ability and the rabbit’s response are indicators of the knowledge and skills gained in handling and identifying quality animals, as well as defects, disqualifications, breed and variety characteristics....
Showmanship is an opportunity for a 4-H member to show how much he or she knows about rabbits and how well they can handle them.
The ultimate showman can handle any rabbit well, even if he or she has never before worked with it.
A good showman is a combination of their knowledge, manners, proper dress and handling skills.
They have learned the art of selecting, fitting/grooming and presenting rabbits to their best advantage.
The confidence and ability demonstrated by the showman and the rabbit’s response and grooming indicates the amount of previous work done with the rabbit.
Knowledge is the response to questions about the rabbit parts, disqualifications, breeds and variety characteristics.

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