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Rabbit Judging

How rabbit projects are judged.
How to select your pen for showing.


Choose Your Meat Pen Wisely!

Your meat pen should consist of 3 rabbits that are uniform in size, weight and condition.

Bigger Isn't Always Better!
One large rabbit mixed in with 2 medium sized rabbits will be very obvious to the Judge.

Remember! Use your larger rabbit as a possible 'winner' in the Single Fryer competition!

Point Schedule

Meat Pen-3 Fryers
Meat Type 40 points
Condition of flesh 30 points
Uniformity of body & weight 20 points
Fur 10 points
Total 100 points
Single Fryer
Meat Type 45 points
Condition of flesh 35 points
Fur 20 points
Total 100 points
Roasters & Stewers
Meat Type 35 points
Condition of flesh 35 points
Fur 30 points
Total 100 points


Meat Type
Is the shape of the body.
Study and then examine as many fryers as possible till you understand what is meant by "commercial type."
RabbitPedia : Commercial Type RabbitHow to recognize good commercial animals ......
Condition of Flesh
Is how the animals look and feel: firm, solid, and clean.
Again all 3 should show the same condition.
Skin should be tight over the body.
Hopefully, the fryers have NEVER been picked up by the scruff of the neck....
that pulls the pelt away from the muscle, making for flabby-feeling shoulders.
Uniformity of Body & Weight
Is how well you have matched all 3 fryers.
They should look like carbon copies or tripletts.
A judge has advised that matching TYPE is the most important consideration.
It's nice to have them at the same weight, but not the top priority.
Do try to get them within 2-3 ounces of each other.
Is fur. It should be clean with no chewed or bare spots, and in "prime."
That means it should show the natural texture (what you feel) and density (what you see) as described for your breed of rabbit.
When in "prime," the fur will naturally fly back to its smooth natural position when stroked from tail to head.

Fur Appearance

Fur is often what determines Grand Champion from the Reserve Champion.
It's the final determining factor when the judge is looking at 2 identically-typed meatpens.
In a spray bottle you mix white vinegar and water together. Then moisten the fur with the spray bottle and with a soft clean clothwipe a little white cornmeal into the stained or soiled spot. Using the soft clean cloth or a comb or stiff brush work the cornmeal out. Repeat as needed. Make sure you get all of the cornmeal out.
If you want to give a nice sheen to the coat, take a very well used dryer sheet and wipe in the direction the fur lays. This will take out any static and the fur has a nice "sheen" to it without leaving anything behind.

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