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Market Pen Records

If you would like to use the Market Pen Records Module
You will need to register on the website then...
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The Fair Recording Module on RabWay is designed to collect information on growth weight performance and feed rations used on your rabbits.

It will assist you to decide on changes in the management of your pen as required. This will optimize your chances of being well-placed on the day of judging... 

Your individual results will not be shared with anyone else... We will analyse the performance of all pens to help us breed better animals and identify the best nutrition for achieving champions...

The overall results will be provided to all users after the fair is completed who have registered on RabWay and participated in the recording of their pens ...

User Guidelines for RabWay Fair Records

1) Select [Setup]

Details of the exhibitor and contact information. This will allow us to contact you with suggestions.


First Name -

Last Name -

City -

County -

State -

Phone -

Email -

Weight Entry - Decide on how you wish to enter your weights

As either lbs and ozs or as lbs in metric format

eg. 3lb 4oz or 3.25lb

2) Select [Pens]

Details of your pen(s) of rabbits...


Year - Year of Fair

Description - Your name to identify each pen you are exhibiting.

If one family has 2 children entering a pen each, assign a different set of pen details

for each child in the current year

Breeder - Who breed the rabbits

Born - Date of Birth

Purchased - Date purchased

Name of Fair - Name of the fair/show etc

Date of Fair - Date of Fair

Min Weight - Minimum weight required on show day

Max Weight - Maximum weight allowed on show day

Notes - Your notes

3) Select [Nutrition]

Details of the feeds you are using


Description - Brand and protein of feed being used

Notes - Any additions to the ration being fed

4) Select [Weight Entry]

Details of the rabbit weights and feed consumed for each pen of rabbits each time you have weighed them...


Pen - Select from dropdown

Date - Select from calendar

Weight #1 -  

Weight #2 -  

Weight #3 -  

Weight #4 -  

Weight #5 -  

Weight #6 -  

Feed - Select from dropdown

Feed Quantity for Period - Weight of feed used for the period of the weights entered

5) Select [Weight Analysis]

This report details the average weight of all rabbits now, the average gain of all rabbits over the period since you last weighed them and the individual amount each rabbit has grown since the last time you weighed each one...


Pen -

Date -

Days -

Age Now -

Feed -

Avg Wgt Now -

Avg Period Gain -

Avg Daily Gain -

Gain #1 -

Gain #2 -

Gain #3 -

Gain #4 -

Gain #5 -

Gain #6 -

Feed Conv -

6) Select [Weight Predictions]

This report is similiar to the growth rates above however it details a projection of the final fair weights based on the daily growth over the last period in which you weighed them...

7) Select [Performance Graph]

These graphs detail weight changes over the period you have been weighing the animals...

8) Select [History]

Archived data from previous years...

Changing Ounces into Tenths of a Pound (or metric format)

Know that there are 16 ounces to a pound.

Ignore the pounds for a moment.

Take the number of ounces and divide by 16.

Add that decimal to the whole number that represents the pounds.

Example: You start with 7 pounds, 2 ounces. Divide the 2 by 16 to get 0.125, then add the 7 to obtain the final answer of 7.125 pounds.

Conversion Table

If you don't have a calculator to help you with the division by 16, here is a list of all the decimals relating ounces to a pound:

1 oz = 0.06 of a pound
2 oz = 0.13 of a pound
3 oz = 0.19 of a pound
4 oz = 0.25 of a pound
5 oz = 0.31 of a pound
6 oz = 0.38 of a pound
7 oz = 0.44 of a pound
8 oz = 0.50 of a pound
9 oz = 0.56 of a pound
10 oz = 0.63 of a pound
11 oz = 0.69 of a pound
12 oz = 0.75 of a pound
13 oz = 0.81 of a pound
14 oz = 0.88 of a pound
15 oz = 0.94 of a pound